Welcome to Airborne Ministries

Watch this 4 minute promo to learn more about Airborne Ministies To Those Who Have Not Heard
We have developed the perfect tool for reaching the unreached! The Jet PAC (Jesus Evangelism Tool Package) is a compact video projection system specially designed to enable the Jesus Film to be shown worldwide. Since it is so lightweight and portable, it can literally be carried to the most remote regions of the world. Please join us in reaching those who have not heard.

What Do We Do?
Media is one of the greatest methods for reaching the world with the Gospel. Anyone can show a video, just about anywhere, with very little training. A video can be understood and remembered better than a message by a speaker. The outdoor Gospel video presentation draws a large crowd, and is more likely to attract the unchurched than any other method of presenting the Gospel. With about half of the world illiterate or only marginally literate, the Jesus Film is one of the greatest tools to present the Gospel.

We developed the Jet PAC to take this film to the remote places that cannot normally be reached in this manner. We continue to improve this technology with the recently designed Jet PAC being much smaller.